Voyaging Wananga

 Te Rawhiti Powhiri and Mangahawea Pou Ceremony 

7th November 2019


Waitangi, Aotearoa New Zealand
23rd to the 25th of August 2019

The Maori had already lived in their country for half a millennium, and had discovered the islands some time before, when they first met, hosted, studied and worked with Europeans, who had just then arrived in the Bay of Islands. Two hundred years after that, at Waitangi, the Arakite Trust called the first formal conference integrating the disciplines of traditional, practical and academic knowledge of Maori voyaging.  Under the mana of Matutaera Tenana Clendon, ONZM, with the financial support of Tuia – Encounters 250, and Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and with the collaboration of the University of Otago, a whare wānanga – a temporary university – was assembled: professors and artisans, tohunga kōkōrangi (astronomers and navigators) tohunga tārai waka (boatwrights and carvers), and even the modern tohunga tikanga tangata (anthropologists), traditional and academic historians, museum conservators, biologists, geneticists and even a geochemist gathered to share and appreciate one another’s learning concerning the Maori mastery of their Pacific world: hekenga, rerenga, whitianga. Here are recorded the proceedings of that wananga.

Te Rawhiti Marae Powhiri for Voyaging Waka

Footage of Powhiri at Te Rawhiti Marae welcoming the 3 Voyaging waka during the Tuia 250 Celebrations 7.11.2019

Final Panel Discussion and Conclusion

Saturday 24.08.19 Final Panel Discussion and Conclusion of the Voyaging Wananga at Waitangi August 2019

Papers and Presentations

Jack Thatcher

Becoming the Light: On the historical, technological, cultural continuity of Pacific voyaging

Prof Elizabeth (Lisa) Matisoo-Smith

What can DNA tell us about Pacific origins and the settlement of Aotearoa?

Dr Matiu Prebble

The Microscopic Ecology of Early Voyaging

The Arakite Charitable Trust was designed as an adaptable educational platform to identify problem areas in the broad concept of modern Maori education, to assess historical shortcomings and distractions, and to explore solutions, then to establish projects to work on those solutions.

Dr James Robinson

Mangahawea Bay Excavation

Dr John Booth

Voyaging within Aotearoa

Ockie Simmonds

Coming of Maori

James Eruera

Aspects of Tarai Waka

Graeme Collett et al.

Hawaiki revealed: Identification of Ancestral Homeland for an Early Polynesian Seafarer group to Southern New Zealand based on Petrology of their artefacts

Dr Madam Tin Cho Ma

Bringing Malay minorities into the fold: Adaptation and Survival

Dr. Wan Salleh Wan Ibrahim

The Malay-Polynesian Connections

Dilys Johns

Wet conservation and impact on archaelogical study of waka

Prof Richard Walter

Hawaiki: An Archaeological Perspective

Dr Alex Jorgensen

Ancient Voyages – Ahuahu, Great Mercury Island

Bill Edwards

Navigation: How humans see the world around us

Ral Makiha

Matariki, living by the seasons

Please browse through the presentations and videos to relive the Voyaging Wanaga from 2019

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